How To Get Voluminous Heatless Curls In 5 Straightforward Steps


As soon as positioned, wrap your strands across the rod. Many TikTok customers go for the “criss-cross methodology,” the place they take small chunks of hair from the back and front part of the rod, basically braiding the headscarf into your hair as you’d a French braid. 

It will assist preserve the rod safe when you sleep and add swap up the curl path. Want a visible? Right here’s one person’s step-by-step tutorial

When you’re in search of much more quantity, it’s possible you’ll think about wrapping the entrance sections of your hair (together with bangs, you probably have them), across the high heart of the rod. This fashion, your curls will fan outward and upward, including some raise. 

To go above and past, you’ll be able to even slip a curler onto your headband and use that as a grip for the entrance part, like this person demonstrates


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